about the work

I’ve been working with wood, in some form or fashion, for the past 40 years. I formed my business, Libersat Construction, in 1974. Beginning as a framing and then a general contractor, I have framed, built and remodeled houses and light commercial projects. In those days, we did everything turnkey, using raw materials to create the finished product. For as many years, I had a cabinet shop that supplied these projects with custom cabinets and millwork. This cabinetry work naturally evolved into custom furniture pieces for my clients, my home and family.  My woodworking skills have been gained through the culmination of all this self-taught, hands-on work experience. Over the years, I’ve learned about the properties and behavior of various woods. I’ve studied and incorporated traditional, time-tested joinery in all of my work.

I now specialize in custom furniture and cabinetry. I enjoy making a fine piece of furniture from choice pieces of wood. Every piece of furniture is handmade solely by me with the help of some old, but great, vintage American machinery. My work tends to be simple and practical with natural finishes. I take pride in creating work that captures the color and unique characteristics of each piece of wood, as well as matching the wood grains for a seamless appearance. Everything I make is structurally strong and built to last. All my work is guaranteed for the life of the original owner.

My shop is located adjacent to my home and my home also serves as my studio. You are welcome to contact me for more information or to make an appointment.